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D&HR "Cŭprĕum"

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There is no more ambivalent object than a sickle.

On the one hand, it symbolizes harvests, abundance and life, but on the other hand, it is also a sharp object capable of causing death.
And when you think about it, in the end, there is no way to bring home a bountiful harvest without cutting the plants stems which link them to life...

This image has been widely used in ancient pagan beliefs, such as in Greek mythology with the Cronos and Ouranos myth.
Later, in Roman mythology, the sickle reappeared as an attribute of two different deities.
Associated with Saturn, the god of (not only) death and the inexorable passage of time, and Ceres, goddess of harvest, abundance and fertility. An ambivalence which may remind us that you can not separate the recompense (food, seeds...) from the sacrifice ("death sentence" of the grains).

Reminding the shape of the crescent moon in the sky, the sickle is also a symbol of feminity, and so of course, of women's power to give life.
Blade handcrafted by myself from pure copper and engraved with Saturn's sigils. The handle is made from locally sourced deer antler and leather.
This sickle is about 30cm long and comes in an individual box with a high quality 200gsm black cotton pouch.

You can use it as a decorative item, but of course its best use would be to harvest your favourite plant allies.