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Midvinter Sol

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Since time immemorial, the Sun has been worshipped as a deity all around the world.
No light without sun, and no life without light.
Our ancestors understood deeply the connections between the strongest Nature's force and themselves.

This cult has been particularly present in Scandinavia during Bronze Age, where the cycles between summer and winter are considerably pronounced. Evidences can be found for exemple in solar-aligned rock carvings (Järrestad...), various astronomical sun alignments (Ales Stone...) and in handcrafted masterpieces like the Sun Chariot from Trundholm.

According to many theories and interpretations, the "sun wheel" is one of the most ancient symbol related to the Sun, and is still used in Sami culture. Being more than just a representation of the life-bringer star, it depicts the movement of the Sun across the cosmos and the differents phenomenons of the day/year.

In a more metaphysical approach, it also portrays the connection between the chthonian world and the ouranian one, both separated by the horizontal line materializing Earth's surface.
The vertical line, for its part, suggests the path one has to travel through the cosmos to acquire greater knowledge.
The two lines form a crossroads whose central point is the meeting between Men and Gods.
Inspired by the Tanum petroglyphs, this pendant bears the image of the darkest season of the year, which also embodies the renewal of light. It is entirely handcrafted from burnt oak, protected in a thin layer of clear resin which will catch the smallest glimpses of light. Packed and delivered in an individual giftbox.